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Niftee 50ees Classic Cruisers

Niftee 50ees     281-620-4987

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Niftee 50ees Classic Cruisers


​We are open to 1979 and older RESTORED vehicles
​Where Classic Cars
​Come to Play ..

​Our thanks to Northampton Car Care for maintaining and supporting our fleet vehicles for Niftee 50ees ​​


​Niftee 50ees

To our followers

​We are in the process of looking for alternative locations to exhibit our car show events.

​We know everyone is excited for a new year of classic cruise nights but our options for now are becoming more restrictive as we move forward.

​We apologize for the delays 

​We will keep everyone posted of our progress

​At the present moment we will continue our efforts to reach a respectable agreement with all parties envolved.

​For the present time enjoy the events that are in session at other car shows being hosted.

​We hope to see you soon !